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With the car jacked up on the passenger side, look into the wheel well, and you will see where the ABS sensor wires come through the strut tower. There will be a small clip that holds the wire to the strut tower. Pull that out so you can see the hole. This hole is for measuring. From that hole, measure 2 inches forward, 1 inch up, and mark. Don't drill just yet.

Now, using the L braket as a template, mark where the 2 holes will need to be drilled. This can be tricky. You will need to place the bracket in the position that it will be installed on the other side of the well (strut tower), which is with the leg on top (upside down L) as shown here.

In other words, the holes that you will be using as a template will not be flush with the wheel well. The picture below is incorrect!! You will want to rotate the bracket in this pic 180 away from you, or your holes will not line up.

With a 13/64ths drill bit, or close, drill out both marks. It will be easier to drill out with the wheel removed, but not required. These will almost be behind the spring so a light angle will be required to drill those holes.

Installing the L bracket. With the bracket in hand, run both bolts through the unit then into the strut tower. This is 100x easier with a friend, neighbor, relative, or third hand but it can be done with one person. Line up the nuts with a washer and tighten down. 40 ft lbs is enough.

Mount the motor mount plate. The bolts for the motor mount are 17mm. They are not real tight from the factory so no special tools needed to remove those such as an impact or a breaker bar. Back the bolts out all the way and drop the plate into place and reinstall the bolts. Tighten back down. Remember this plate goes on the back of the mount, not the front.

Install the brace itself. Stationary side first (Strut tower/wheel well) with the non-adjustable side of the brace. Install it with the bolt through the unit, through the bracket, then a washer, then a nut. Tighten down.

Now adjust the brace length until it reaches the motor mount bracket, and do the same as the first side. When using the adjustment bolt to lengthen, make it just long enough to reach, and not a turn more. You want it to be tight.

Close hood. Clean tools, hands, arms, and car. Do burnouts and post your results so more will know, trust, and bask in the glory of this cheap fix.

Click this image for a larger version.

This part is made using an engine torque damper, and fabricating brackets so that it can be used, so far, on various Saturn products, namely and chiefly the Ion Redline. Check here for applications. If interest is shown, more applications may be addressed. This item is very easy to install, and requires no special tools.




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