Goofyguy Torque Brace
$135.00 SHIPPED!

That's $135.00 SHIPPED!
Detailed photos below...

This part is made using an engine torque damper, and fabricating brackets so that it can be used, so far, on various Saturn products, namely and chiefly the Ion Redline. See below for applications. If interest is shown, more applications may be addressed. This item is very easy to install, and requires no special tools.

The stock Ion and Redline suffers from terrible wheel hop. There are of course a few solutions. This solution doesn't have the common drawback found in an engine mount stiffening system. There is no noticable extra vibrations in the car, or felt in the steering wheel (best indicator). The stock mounts are not changed, and nothing has to be removed. The unit limits the travel of the engine as it torques back and forth during hard acceleration and shifting, thus making any wheel hop on dry pavement negligible.

There are two versions of the brace thus far. They are as follows:

Installs from the front engine mount to the radiator support at about a 35 degree angle. Applications include the Ion Redline only. A hole is required to be drilled into the radiator support. The radiator support bracket is carried over into Rev.B. [This part will no longer be made, due to a broader application range in Rev.B, and a greater degree of safety. Owners of Rev.A will receive the new bracket for the front engine mount, converting to Rev.B. There is no performance improvement by switching to Rev.B, thus no real "upgrade". It is simply usable on a broader range of vehicles, and is safer to have. After all is converted to Rev.B, this section will be removed.]

Installs from the front engine mount to the passenger side strut tower at about a 10 degree angle. Applications are for all '02 and up (so far) Ions, including Redline, and SL2/SC2 '91-'01. A hole is required to be drilled into the passenger strut tower / wheel well (see pics below). The Redline and '02-'03 Ions, '04-up Ions, and the '91-'01 SL2/SC2 use different front mount brackets, thus for clarity they have seperate and easy designations.

Ion Redline '04-__ and Ion '02-'03

Ion '04-__

SL2 and SC2 '91-'01

Included with purchase:
(1) Torque Damper
(1) Bracket for front engine mount (varies by application)
(1) Bracket for passenger strut tower / wheel well
(4) Nuts, bolts, and washers

Needed for install:
Drill bit and drill
Ratchets and sockets and/or wrenches




"This is such a great product and i recomend to everyone...that hates wheel hop. If you like wheel hop than dont get it because it will take the hop away completely..." "GoofyGuy i say thank you for the amazing product!"


"No wheel hop...the install was not very difficult at was VERY simple...I get pure tire spin when accelerating."

"...i am extreamly happy with this product and suprized everyone is not buying it."

"...try to get wheel hop...I tryed and i tryed. Couldnt get deff works...Keep up the good work..."

"...the only way i could get wheel [hop] was to launch at 5k on broken pavement other than that i have not be able to get wheel hop just tire smoke"

"You're doing a great job supporting your product, neither I nor anyone else can ever deny that."

"Just put on Goofy's Torque Brace, great freakin job. Works real well. Gave it 3 good hard tries...even did a good long 1st gear burnout up the driveway. Nada. Goodbye Hop!"

"Cool...goofyguy is one smart cookie..."

"goofy guy came...and the thing is all good it does what its supposed to do..."

"Yeah, I love the torque brace. I have yet to get any wheel hop after installing it...spinning the tires all through first gear and whatnot...Shifting seems to be more responsive to me...I haven't felt any additional engine vibrations or heard any additional engine noise...GoofyGuy, thanks for all your hard work in making these available to us, and for your awesome customer service."

"...I installed the TB tonight and the daman thing works like a freakin' charm!!!!!...Shifts MUCH smoother now and I'll bet she's putting a few more horses to the ground now as well...Great product and great price. Thanks..."

"...I LOVE THIS BRACE!!!! And the install was pretty easy...floored it twice and there is NO hop...I was amazed..."

" great...By God this works great...God I love you Goofy.....well your product anyways."


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