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Wronged by Cottman

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Thursday 24 August 2006

Cottman Transmission has not paid as they agreed. I have filed an affidavit and motioned for a judgement. Owner Michael Passarella is making it as hard as he can for me to get my money back.

I wish I had made a stipulation on the agreement that non-payment would require him to owe the full amount or more.

This judgement will put a lien on the business, which does nothing to him unless he tries to sell it (as far as I know). I will have to have the Sheriff's Dept. seize and sell property for me to get payment.

Friday 21 July 2006

Due to an error in filing, mediation was moved back to today. The shop owner and myself came to an agreement, and I should receive a check in 30 days for 83% of what I originally asked. I agreed to waive the cost of the clutch materials and the taxes.

Friday 26 May 2006

About a month ago, the transmission finally had it. Instead of kicking the driveaxle out about every 100 miles, it did it twice before I could get out of my subdivision. The clutches that Cottman installed caused the entire front end to shake during engagement. They were also inconsistant. Upon pulling the clutch and inspecting the flywheel, it turns out that they didn't even machine it. They took some sort of grinding or sanding wheel to it, probably not even taking it off the crank, giving it all kinds of uneven swirls and pits.

I filed for small claims, and we have mediation on June 1st.

Saturday 31 December 2005

I received a letter today from Visa, letting me know that Cottman has won the second dispute. Visa refused the submission of my photographic proof, and simply went by the written word of both parties, which can be seen below. Cottman's rebuttal was 99% an attack on me, and lacked facts, but still they won. I don't yet know if VISA is imposing it's fine of up to $500 on me. I now have to turn to the court system to get my money back.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thursday 13 October 2005

I received a letter today from Visa, and it appears that Cottman is now trying to dispute my dispute. See their letter here, or click image below.

Amongst the lies is a new version of my initial problem. They say now I had a "blown clutch", when in fact the drive axle had simply popped out.

View my response to the rebuttal here.


Saturday 10 September 2005

My credit card dispute was accepted by Cottman's bank, and I received a full credit.

I need to be contacted by people with complaints on this shop. Please contact me at

Wednesday 31 August 2005

After contacting WFTS channel 28, and sending my proof, they contacted Cottman, and they offered to rebuild the transmission while I watch. They did not admit to not doing the job, but evidently they don't want to be on the news, so they made the offer. I refused, because they will not have this car again while my name is on the title and registration. Not after they made me tear it apart, wasting mine and others precious time. It's rediculous. They've done this before, so they know how it works, and what to say to weasel out. I need to be contacted by people with complaints on this shop. Please contact me at

Saturday 20 August 2005

Found complaints on, and added links to "Home" page.

Added link to my complaint on

Monday 15 August 2005

Concluded that nothing was removed or replaced inside the transmission. Nor was it cleaned. Steps are being taken against the merchant, and to obtain a refund. More to follow.

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